Inmate Commissary

Inmates have the ability to purchase personal items during their incarceration that are not furnished by the CCNO. Eligible inmates will be allowed to purchase candy, beverages, snacks, food items, general merchandise and hygiene items on a scheduled basis each week.

A unit-by-unit schedule is established specifying when inmates may order and receive commissary. Inmates can order on the tablets or on the order forms that are available in each unit. Sufficient funds must be in an inmate's account to cover their purchase when the order slip is submitted.

An inmate can spend $100 in the commissary each week. If the inmate is a worker in the facility they can spend $110 per week in the commissary.

Food and hygiene boxes can also be purchased for inmates on the Internet. The address is

CCNO does not accept funds for an inmate through the mail or at the reception desk. CCNO is pleased to offer the convenience of placing funds on an inmate's commissary account via the Internet or by telephone. A credit card or debit card can be used for this service. The link below is for inmate commissary accounts only. Video visits, phone calls, and tablet services have a separate link. Please follow the link below to utilize this service:

Inmate Money Transfer

ConnectNetwork also has a free mobile app that can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.