Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions with associated answers. If you have a question that is not on the list, please call us at (419) 428-3800 or send us an email at

After arrest, the person will be taken in front of a judge to determine the bail amount and whether they will be committed to jail or released on their own recognizance. The appearance in front of a judge will happen either in person or video arraignment.

The booking section receives all inmates. Officers will inventory personal property and monies. A clothing exchange will be completed. All inmate property is taken and secured as part of the booking process. Any necessary hygiene items will be supplied by CCNO. Other items may be purchased through the commissary.

CCNO is a non smoking facility. All tobacco products will be placed into the inmate's property. An inmate's personal property can be released with the inmate's authorization to the person of their choice.

Booking staff may take a photograph and fingerprints for the purpose of identification. Medical staff will provide initial medical and suicide screening. An initial housing assignment will be made. Once booked into CCNO an inmate is afforded the opportunity to make collect phone calls.

All inmates will be screened through a full body scanner during the booking process. This is done to prevent contraband from coming into the facility.

Inmates may make an unlimited number of collect calls between the hours of 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. No inmate may receive incoming calls. If an emergency call is received and confirmed by a staff member, a message will be taken to the inmate and they will be notified to contact the caller via the inmate telephone system.

Inmates at CCNO now have access to tablets through our inmate phone/visitation vendor. One service that is an option because of those tablets is electronic messaging. To learn more or to send an inmate a message, visit Inmate Messaging. There is no tablet access for messages or phone calls between 0000 and 0730 hours daily.

CCNO has 24 hour medical coverage. Inmates receive a medical screening shortly after being booked into the facility. During their stay Inmates may also request to see the facility physician, for which a co-pay is charged.

Contact the Medical Section at (419) 428-3800 extension 524. All inmates are asked about their medical problems shortly after their arrival. Inmates who remain in custody are given a physical examination. Inmates should advise the Medical staff about any condition that requires medical attention. If an inmate feels sick or needs medical attention, they should complete a sick call slip and will be seen by clinic personnel. CCNO does charge a co-pay for routine sick call issues.

When a person is incarcerated, our medical director is solely responsible for the inmate's care. They may consult with an inmate's private physician and other specialists, but all final treatment decisions rest with CCNO's physician.

Medications must be confirmed as current and valid prescriptions. Medical records may be requested and CCNO's physician will then determine if the medications will be continued.

Incarceration can be upsetting and difficult for many people. If you know of someone in jail who feels anxious, depressed or suicidal, please call CCNO immediately at (419) 428-3800 and report the situation to staff.

Corrections staff may not provide legal advice or assistance to any inmate. Inmates must contact their court appointed or private attorney if they have questions about their case. Inmates may also write a letter to their attorney. Staff can provide assistance in helping inmates find out about when their court date is scheduled, what charges they face, addresses and telephone numbers of court and other outside agencies, and their assigned judge. Jail staff are not permitted to act as advocates for inmates. Most inmates are expected, and are responsible, for asking their own questions and handling correspondence with outside agencies and officials.

If you do not wish to receive calls from an inmate, please contact the inmate telephone service provider at 866-516-0115 opt #5.

All essentials are provided to an inmate by CCNO. When an inmate is initially booked into the facility a clothing exchange will be completed with the inmate's clothes being placed into their property and CCNO uniform items will be given to the inmate.

Inmates have access to books and magazines in the unit as well as access to a large selection of free and paid options on the tablets.

Visitation with inmates is non-contact using video monitors. All visits are by appointment only. Appointments may be scheduled anytime. Also, if a time slot is available, those with accounts can visit using “Visit Now.” Scheduling is done by the visitor either in the CCNO lobby on a video monitor or via the internet at Inmate Video Visitation. Visits can be held either in the CCNO lobby or by using your home computer or smart phone if it is equipped with a webcam and microphone. There is a fee for home visits, but visits held in the CCNO lobby are at no charge.

CCNO partners with ConnectNetwork to allow funds to be placed on an inmate's commissary account. The partnership with ConnectNetwork allows funds to be placed on the inmate's commissary account with the convenience of using a credit or debit card. Please follow this link to utilize this service Inmate Money Transfer. A kiosk is located in the CCNO lobby for cash payments for the convenience of visitors.

All personal items which you bring with you will be put into your personal property when you are booked into the facility. You will be provided with clothing and necessary hygiene items. If you have piercings, false fingernails or hair weaves they will be removed prior to your placement in a housing unit. If you wear contacts you may bring in a sealed bottle of contact solution and your contact case. You may bring in a pair of prescription eyeglasses.

An inmate can spend $100 in the commissary each week. If the inmate is a worker in the facility they can spend $110 per week in the commissary.