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Prison Transfers

    CCNO transportation is responsible for transporting offenders sentenced to prison from the common pleas courts in Defiance, Fulton, Henry, Lucas and Williams counties.  Male offenders are taken to the Correctional Reception Center in Orient for processing by the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections (ODRC).  Female offenders are transported to the Ohio Reformatory for Women in Marysville.  More information on these institutions can be found at ODRC Institutions

    No property or money will be transported by CCNO to an ODRC facility.  CCNO staff will not accept money or property for those offenders who are sentenced to prison.  All offenders will be dressed in CCNO issued jumpsuits for transport to prison. 

    If the offender is currently incarcerated at CCNO and is sentenced to prison they will be instructed to release all money and property to a family member or friend immediately.  Any property that fails to get released prior to the offender departing for prison will be maintained in the property room and the Property Master will contact the offender’s family member or friend for pick up.  Unclaimed property will be disposed if not claimed within sixty (60) days. CCNO will not transport unauthorized property from the Lucas County Jail.

    If the offender is a walk in commitment at CCNO for prison, the CCNO booking officer will instruct them to release their money and property to a family member or friend immediately. 

    No cash, checks or money orders will be accepted by ODRC.  The offender should send all monies to a family member or friend prior to transport.  If funds were not released prior to the offender’s transport to prison CCNO will mail a check to the appropriate ODRC facility.  However, if a check is returned by an ODRC facility and unable to be forwarded to the address provided by the offender it shall be held at CCNO for two years.  If the money is not claimed within two (2) years it shall be transferred to the Offender Trust fund per CCNO Policy 4413 Offender Personal Property.

    Offenders are allowed court papers for their transport to prison.

    Any prescription medication received from the offender that fails to get released with the offender departing for prison will remain in the CCNO medical unit until picked up by a family member or friend.  Any prescription medication received for an offender that is not picked up in 30 days will be destroyed by the Director of Nursing or the Health Services Administrator.

Page last updated August 07, 2018