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Inmate Telephone System

    Inmates have the ability to make collect telephone calls from their living area.  The maximum length of the call is 15 minutes.  A recorded message will alert you when the call has reached 14 minutes and there is only one minute remaining.

    If an inmate is attempting to contact you, a recorded message will inform you the call is from the Corrections Center. If you do not wish to receive the call, you may hang up and your telephone number will not be charged for the collect call.  If you would like your telephone number to be blocked from any future collect calls from the inmate telephone system you have two options.  During the recorded message, you will be allowed the option to "permablock" your telephone number.  Listen to the recorded message and it will give you the directions to block your telephone number.  You will not be charged for the call until you accept the call through keying in the appropriate option.

    To open an account, please click on the link below.

    Inmate Telephone System

Page last updated April 16, 2019