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Visitation Guidelines




Law Enforcement and Probation Officers


Agency representatives (i.e., Job and Family Services Department, Children’s Services, Northwest Community Corrections Center [Search], DNA testing, mental health agencies, etc.)


Denial of a Visit

Visits can be denied by the Shift Commander or Officer in Charge under the following conditions:

  1. The visitor represents clear and present danger to security.

  2. The visitor uses any additional camera, telecommunications or recording device during a visit.

  3. The visitor has a past history of disruptive conduct at the jail.

  4. The visitor is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

  5. The visitor refuses to submit to a search or show proper identification or leaves unattended children in the lobby or on CCNO grounds.

  6. The inmate refuses the visit.

  7. Visiting restrictions have been placed on the inmate for reasons involving discipline or security.

  8. For the safety/security of the facility.

  9. A no contact order or temporary restraining order is in effect.

  10. Denied visitors may file an appeal to the Director of Security.

Page last updated March 13, 2019