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For the Year Ended 2020

Inmate Statistics
Average Jail Population 568 Average Length of Stay (days) 36.6
Average Male Population 493 Male Average Length of Stay (days) 40.1
Average Female Population 75 Female Average Length of Stay (days) 24.8
Jail Capacity 640 Sentenced Average Length of Stay (days) 39.1
Jail Percent of Capacity 88.6% Male Sentenced Average Length of Stay (days) 41.7
Number of Inmates Booked 4,221 Female Sentenced Average Length of Stay (days) 30.9
Number of Male Inmates Booked 3,271 Pretrial Average Length of Stay (days) 34.3
Number of Female Inmates Booked 950 Male Pretrial Average Length of Stay (days) 38.7
Number of Inmates Released 4,297 Female Pretrial Average Length of Stay (days) 18.8
Number of Male Inmates Released 3,320 Work Release/HITT Population 31
Number of Female Inmates Released 977 Work Release/HITT Court Fees Collected $184.33
GED Certificates Earned by Inmates* 6 Work Release/HITT Jail Fees Collected $7,551.59
Average Cost per meal per inmate $0.773 Electronic Monitoring Population 227
*Operations were significantly altered by the COVID-19 pandemic. Programs (GED, Work Release/HITT, etc.) were all suspended beginning in March. Inmate population decreased once the pandemic hit and remained lower throughout the entirety of the year..


Community Public Works (CPW)
Jurisdiction Hours Worked

Amount Saved**

Defiance County 880 $7,128.00
Fulton County --- ---
Henry County 736 $5,961.60
Williams County 1,752 $14,191.20
CCNO Trash Pick-Up 312 $2,138.40
Total 3,680 $29,419.20
**Amount saved calculated at minimum wage.

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