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Inmate Programs

    At CCNO, inmates are classified based on their institutional behavior and criminal background. Inmates are provided with constructive programs and work experiences in order to utilize their time in a positive manner.

    CCNO staff have developed and worked toward the implementation of the following goals in regards to rehabilitation:


WITT/MITT:  WITT (Women in Trauma Treatment) and MITT (Men in Trauma Training) are integrated treatment approaches designed for incarcerated inmates who have a mental health diagnosis, substance abusing and are victims of trauma.  Prior to release from CCNO program participants will be linked to treatment providers in their home community.  This will help to provide a continuity of care for the inmates as they leave the correctional facility and go back to their community.  Counseling services for this program are provided by Recovery Services of Northwest Ohio, Inc. 

New Beginnings Drug/Alcohol Program: Intense drug/alcohol treatment and educational program. This includes group counseling, individual counseling, education and referrals to other treatment agencies.  As the offender approaches their release date, staff will link them to treatment providers in their home community.  Program conducted by Recovery Services of Northwest Ohio, Inc.

Thinking for a Change: This is an integrated, cognitive behavioral change program for offenders that includes cognitive restructuring, social skills development, and development of problem solving skills. Program conducted by Recovery Services of Northwest Ohio, Inc.

GED/ABLE: Offers inmates opportunities to earn their GED or advance their educational skills by attending weekday classes. Inmates study social studies, writing, mathematics, science and reading in order to prepare to take the GED test. GED testing is conducted the fourth Tuesday of each month. 

Vocational Classes: Various vocational classes are offered through the Four County Career Center and Northwest State Community College. Classes in the past have included Job Search Techniques, Personal Finance, Forklift Certification, Basic Computer Skills and Customer Service training.

Library: Inmates have access to a fully shelved library, which includes hardbacks, paperbacks and magazines. Also each unit has a bookshelf with limited books available. A law library with up-to-date Ohio Revised Code manuals is available. A smaller library for work release inmates is located in the work release building.

Anger Control Classes: Conducted by the Four County Career Center. Teaches inmates how to recognize anger, what triggers anger and methods of relaxation. 

Chaplaincy Services: A part-time Chaplain contracted through Reach Up assists the Manager of Offender Services in the coordination of religious services.  Reach Up is a non-profit agency that coordinates religious and chaplaincy services for offenders at CCNO.

Volunteer Services: Over 200 volunteers conduct various services for inmates to attend which include AA meetings, worship services and Bible study. Services are offered on a daily basis and posted in units.  For more information on how to become a volunteer at CCNO, please see our Volunteer Policy.  The volunteer application is available by following the link.

HARC: The HARC program is conducted by volunteers.  This is a six-week program that discusses how to incorporate Bible study and prayer into an inmate's life; how to find a job; prepare for an interview and be a good employee; getting priorities in line to include budgeting money, saving money and saving money to pay weekly bills; picking a place to live that an inmate can afford; where and how to shop on a budget; and how to live a balanced life to be satisfied, happy and grateful with where you are today.  Participation is voluntary.

ACTS: The Alcohol Chemical Treatment Series (ACTS) program is conducted by volunteers.  This is an educational approach to drug and alcohol abuse, using visual tools, object lessons and a true recorded testimonial application.  A qualified Christian Prisoners Fellowship instructor teaches an ongoing ACTS curriculum addressing real life situations and providing offenders with positive coping skills in a support group setting.  The instructor also offers chaplaincy materials and benefits to the inmates, links the released inmates to a positive support group (a local church) outside the jail and provides care for the inmates' families.  Participation is voluntary.

Parenting: Through an agreement with the Ohio State University Extension Office, a parenting program is offered to inmates.  Parenting education is offered for parents of children through 18 years of age.

Domestic Violence Awareness Program: Conducted by Sherry Phillips. Six sessions cover topics on defining domestic violence and different forms of abuse; myths about battering; cycle of violence; effects of domestic violence on children; characteristics of a healthy vs. unhealthy relationship; and relapse prevention techniques.

Recreation: A minimum of five hours of organized recreation is offered to all eligible inmates in all security levels on a weekly basis. Activities include basketball, volleyball, jogging, ping-pong and board games. Board games are in the units.

Life Skills: Self-help and educational programs offered to inmates by volunteers. Speakers from various agencies and volunteers discuss topics such as self esteem, dealing with stress, family violence, anger control, domestic violence, sexually transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDS education and prevention, financial investments, job resumes, freedom from smoking and parenting.  Participation is voluntary.

Page last updated September 17, 2018