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How to Contact an Inmate

    Telephone calls and e-mails cannot be transferred to an inmate incarcerated at CCNO.   Messages cannot be given to the inmate via the receptionist.  

    CCNO offers Jail Voicemail as a way to leave a message for an inmate.  You can leave personal voice mails by calling (866) 516-0115.  Fees may apply when leaving a message. For more information, you can click on the link below:

Inmate Telephone System


    In the event of a family emergency, your call will be transferred to the Shift Commander .  They will assist in getting the information to the inmate.   The inmate will be notified to contact the caller via the inmate telephone system.


If a family member dies or becomes critically ill and you wish to seek a furlough for an inmate, you must contact the sentencing court or courts.  Only a Judge can grant a furlough.


    When sending correspondence to an inmate, please write the inmate's full legal name on the envelope, booking number and send it in care of:

03151 County Road 2425
Stryker, OH 43557-9418

Mail Restrictions

    The CCNO will ensure the continuation of important ties between inmates with families, friends, attorneys and the community. Inmates will be permitted unlimited incoming and outgoing first-class correspondence restricted only as necessary to maintain the safety and security of the facility.

    Incoming and outgoing correspondence shall not be withheld, read or censored unless there is reason to believe that there is a violation of law, criminal activity or threat to the safety and security of the facility, the well-being of staff or inmates, or to detect a planned escape. Inmates cannot correspond with each other.

    Privileged correspondence applies to any communication from an inmate’s attorney of record, including their staff; Attorney General; Elected Officials; Prosecutors; Probation Officers; Law Enforcement Officers and representatives of the news media. Non-privileged refers to all correspondence not considered privileged.

    All mail is scanned into the tablet systems, with exception of privileged correspondence, for inmates to view. Please understand that no physical mail is given to the inmates except legal mail.

Sending an Inmate Packages

    If requested by the sentencing court, clothing for court appearances may be sent to inmates.  Clothing will be placed in the inmate's property bag.

    Any package marked "perishable" will be returned to the sender.   No foodstuffs or perishable items will be accepted through the mail or given to an inmate.

    All prescription medications sent to an inmate through the mail will be forwarded to the Medical Staff for evaluation, verification and storage until the release of the inmate.  CCNO's physician will have to approve the dispensing of the medication.

Page last updated October 29, 2021