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AUGUST 23, 2013


    Family and friends now have a new process to visit those incarcerated at the Corrections Center of Northwest Ohio.  Video visitation was recently implemented, allowing the visitor to schedule visits on line as well as schedule an off-site visit via web camera.

      Under the new procedure, the visitor will now schedule the visit with the inmate.  In the past, inmates scheduled their own weekly visit with limited hours.

      Under the new process, all visits must be scheduled 24 hours in advance and scheduling can be done on line by going to https://securustech.net/118.  Visitors who don’t have access to a computer can go to their local library to schedule visits.  If the visitor has a data plan on their cell phone they can access the website through their cell phone to schedule a visit.

     Visitation hours have been expanded with new hours 7:30 to 10 a.m.; Noon to 2:30 p.m. or 5 to 7:30 p.m. Monday thru Sunday.

     Jim Dennis, CCNO Executive Director, said the change to video visitation was made “to further prevent the introduction of contraband.” 

      Mr. Dennis said, “during the past two years we have found illegal pain killers or narcotics in our routine searches even though strip searches are routinely done after visits and returns from courts.  Sometimes these items find their way into the inmate’s body and make it difficult to find.  We know that video visits will reduce the introduction of contraband.  We recognize the value of physical contact with family and friends but security and safety must prevail.”

    Each inmate will be allowed one free on-site weekly visit.  Those inmates who are facility workers – work in kitchen, laundry, custodial, community public works sites -- will be allowed two visits per week.  The visitor will go to the CCNO lobby and use a video monitor device to visit with an inmate who remains in the housing unit.  Such visits will be at no cost.

     Also available are visits off site for those who have the proper equipment.  Such a visit will cost $25.00 plus $5.95 (taxes and fees.)  A computer, webcam and high speed internet are needed for an off-site visit.  Four area libraries are allowing off-site visitation using their computers providing requirements are met and all use of equipment is scheduled in advance.  Participating libraries are Fayette, Liberty Center, Swanton and Wauseon.  Off-site visits can exceed one visit per week but may be limited to availability based on scheduling.

     All visits will be non-contact.  The only exception would be for attorney-inmate visits and for law enforcement officers.  Representatives from government and non-profit agencies, as well as clergy, will also need to schedule 24 hours in advance and use the video monitor. 

     The number of visitors remains the same, two adults and three children.  Also visitors are still required to show their driver’s license or state identification at the time of the visit if it is occurring in the CCNO lobby.  Also visitors are encouraged to arrive 10 minutes early so that necessary preparations can be made so they can receive the full visit. 

     A visitor conducting an off-site visit is required to take their own picture with their driver’s license which needs to be submitted prior to the scheduled visit. 

     Any person with an outstanding warrant will not be allowed to visit.

     Instructions of video visitation can be found on the internet by going to https://securustech.net/118.  Anyone scheduling a visit should make sure they record a PIN number that is extremely important to maintain in order to activate the actual visit.

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